Sunday, May 25, 2014

Knock it the fuck off

Seriously, knock it off, media. Some douchebag kills some people and what do you do, every fucking time? Put his picture up! Publicize his rantings! Give him exactly what he wanted! Go to mediaite, or I'm sure any fucking media site, and this prick's picture is all over the place. Read his words! See his crazy ass videos!

Knock it the fuck off. No one cared about this piece of shit before, no one should care about him now. The victims are the only story that matters.

Knock it the fuck off. This cunt doesn't matter. He never did. He matters less now. Now we get to look forward to another six weeks of political grave dancers.

Fuck the media. They just created the next shooter. Good work, you sick fucks. I hope you're proud of yourselves.

Do the country a favor and die in a fire already.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Imagine what they'd do to cover up a murder

Via Radley Balko's new digs at the Washington Post, comes this terrifying story.

To cover up one cop's minor traffic violation, the cop, his brothers in blue, the chiefs, and the prosecutors try to frame an innocent woman for drunk driving. They hide evidence, lie in reports, and of course intimidate the bejesus out of a 95lb woman in order to cover up one cop running a stop sign.

Imagine what they'd do to cover up a murder.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Brand new year, same old shit

Let's do some links:

First up, cops are still medically raping civilians in this country. No warrant. And of course, no drugs were found. If only there were a legally binding document that would protect us from such grievances... but unfortunately...

The constitution is not valid within 100 miles of the border. In case math and geography aren't your strong suits, that link has a handy map that shows you that the United States Constitution does not protect anyone in Maine, Florida, Delaware, New Jersey and huge chunks of other states.

Next, more carnage from the Bureau of Assholes, Tyrants, and Fascists. They keep calling this a "mistake," or my personal favorite, "a botched gun tracking operation." Tell me: where was the botch? Was it when they intentionally sold automatic weapons to known straw buyers? Was it when they allowed them to cross the border? The only mistake I see was that they didn't count on a whistle blower.

Next on the list, Eric Peters suggests doing away with speed limits. Those of us who live in Oregon know that they're pointless, as most of these clovers drive 15 under the limit routinely. And God forbid they smell bacon. They'll slow down even more. For safety.

This story makes me laugh. For those who think that environmentalism isn't a religion, this story should change your mind. These high priests of the religion planned their course based on their scriptures which said that the ice was disappearing, and they were stuck in the thickest ice on record.

Next up, Glenn Jacobs on the nsa, and "necessity." Do you know who Glenn Jacobs is? I didn't when I first started reading his essays. Then, I googled him to see if he had given any interviews. He's Kane. Mother fucking Kane. As in, the Undertaker's brother. WWE superstar Kane. He's freaking smart, and he's a member of the Mises institute.

Last, but certainly not least, 250 examples of Obama's lying, corruption, and cronyism. But of course, we're racists for pointing this out.

Maybe this year will be better. Most likely, it won't. Hopefully, I will be pleasantly disappointed.