Thursday, November 7, 2013

Abduction and anal probing, without UFO's

By now, hopefully you've heard of the absolutely disgusting case(s) of police officers, judges, and doctors who all participated in the state sanctioned gang rape of at least 2 innocent men.

All based on the unspoken word of an animal who isn't even certified to sniff its own ass, let alone sniff for drugs. Watch this video if you want to see how even "certified" dogs are used fraudulently to circumvent your civil liberties.

However, if you really want to understand a story that involves police brutality, don't wait on the mainstream media to find out what's going on. They don't do investigative journalism on these cases. But William Norman Grigg does. Read the whole thing, but here's some important parts:

"On September 6, 2012, Eckert was stopped a few blocks from his home in Lordsburg by Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Rodriguez, who claimed to have noticed a cracked windshield on Eckert’s car."
(Please note that this was a previous encounter, again using a non-crime as a pretense for the ensuing civil rights infractions.)
"Eckert politely asked if he was free to leave, as he had been told. Feigning offense, the deputy claimed that this was “rude” and said that he suspected Eckert had narcotics in his vehicle."

Aha! And now we find the real crime Eckert truly committed: contempt of cop. Despite what Glenn Beck says, this is, in fact, America. This is the war on drugs. This is what happens when you grant rights to certain people because they wear a costume an a badge. This might not be what you thought America was, but it is definitely what it is.

I always say that if cops aren't bad people, why do law abiding citizens piss their pants at the sight of red-and-blues in their rear view, but it's even worse than that now. A traffic stop now carries the same weight of fear as being abducted by aliens.

By the way, the hospital is billing him for his rape.

Edited to add: Ken at Popehat weighs in. Read the whole thing. Don't miss a word.
Also Orin Kerr at Volokh. I'm sure more will be written as more and more facts come out.

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