Saturday, October 5, 2013

Did Miriam Carey deserve to die?

You know how I feel about police brutality, but I truly am torn on this. On the one hand, she was trying to ram the barriers at the white house and the capitol. We live in crazy times, and there are legitimate threats to our nation's "leaders." On the other hand, as Clark points out, when you live in a fortress, you develop a fortress mentality.

She was unarmed. I find out hard to believe that when they had the vehicle surrounded, they didn't notice the toddler in the back seat. They still riddled the car with bullets. Whether or not Miriam Carey deserved to die, I do believe that the cops acted recklessly with regards to the child.

Of course, the palace guards would just say that the toddler should have had a more responsible mother.

So did she deserve to die? Like I said, I'm torn. But I find myself coming down on the "no" side.

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