Thursday, October 24, 2013

A preview of what's to come in this country

Remember when the administration first started seriously talking about gun control, and there were a bunch of "patriot sheriffs" who would absolutely refuse to comply with such nonsense?

You know that was bull shit, right?

A 30 man team assaults a family over a spent shell casing, going on nothing but the word of a provably vindictive ex-wife, and not one fucking man on that team has the balls to do what's right. They yank a naked 16 year old out of the shower, put guns to the heads of children, cause 10k in damages all to disarm a man who has done nothing criminal.

As the author of that piece points out, David Fucking Gregory. No charges for him BLATANTLY (yes, he called first and asked if it would be illegal, and was told it was very definitely illegal) breaking the law on national fucking television. Well, his wife is good friends with this piece of shit persecutor (he's not a prosecutor), so of course, charging one of the elites with a crime wouldn't do anything for "public safety."

But ransacking this family's house and terrorizing children, that makes us all safe.

Not one real man on that team. Just a bunch of cowards. The only shocking thing here is that they didn't follow procedure and shoot someone.

The time is coming. It's not here yet, but goddam is it getting close.

Added: legal insurrection has more apt thoughts on this.

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