Saturday, September 28, 2013

Crazy thoughts

I wanted to take a minute to discuss my own "conspiracy theories" regarding the recent mass shootings. I have a few. These are theories and speculations, or as most people would call them, "crazy thoughts", so that's my disclaimer. These aren't theories that I have a lot of stock in, that I stay up looking at videos trying to find the second gunman or anything like that. Just thoughts and questions.

1) These people are crazy. Crazy people get put on meds. The meds made them do it. There are several "antidepressants" that are known to cause not only suicidal thoughts, but also homicidal impulses as well. My ex wife was on Wellbutrine and started having violent, vivid fantasies about murdering our children. The doctors know that this is a common enough side effect, but they never warned us. Do you really believe they warned Loughner, Lanza, or Alexis? They didn't warn a mentally disturbed mother that she might feel like killing someone on these pills. They said, "take these pills, and you'll be normal." Then they sent her home to be with her kids. This is the theory that holds the most weight with me, as I've seen this first hand. Even still, watch these commercials for any of these pills. "May cause mood swings, irritability, and suicidal thoughts." Homicidal? Not listed. Fucking ever.

2) They weren't crazy. They were right. For this part, I'm only talking about Jared loughner and Aaron Alexis, as they are really the only ones that we have an insight to their motivations leading up to their actions. A lot has been said about how crazy Alexis was for believing the government was beaming extra low frequencies into his head and sending him signals and messages. Loughner described his often lucid dreaming, where he said he felt awake but that someone else was in control of his body. MK Ultra was a real project. They've admitted it. Following each attack, the government tries to strip the rest of us of our natural and constitutional rights. The same government that poisoned its own citizens in the name of the law, or that faked enemy attacks to drag us into war, that same government would willingly end its top secret mind control program because we mundanes didn't approve? I don't buy that. I'm not saying they were MK Ultra. But I definitely can't say they weren't.

3) Just crazy. No meds. No mind control. Sometimes people are crazy, and they do horribly evil things. There's no rhyme or reason. They lost their minds, and that's that. Just pathetic wastes of skin that masturbate furiously to the idea of Piers Morgan discussing their motives and their weapon choice for the next 6 months.

4) Demonic possession. Hey, why not?

So, those are my theories. Pills, MK Ultra, crazy, or demons. Did you notice what's missing from this list? The gun. Guns don't make people kill. They are inanimate machines, unable to act on their own accord.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Disingenuous Clown

Via mediaite, Jon Stewart says republicans only love the second amendment, all the other amendments are suggestions. It's a pretty funny clip, but it is entirely disingenuous. Why? Because if that is the standard and metric we use to determine who loves which amendments, then please, tell me which ones the democrats love.

Free speech? Don't make me laugh.
You know they don't like guns, so obviously they don't love that one. Aside from a case in Nevada, the third amendment hasn't come under fire enough to see where they stand, so let's skip the third.
The right to be free from unwarranted searches? Right. Couldn't fit that clip in, could ya, Johnny?
States rights? Only when it comes to marijuana, and even then only because it's a means to an end.

Yes, the republicans are atrocious at defending our rights. The only right they seem willing to defend is the right to defend ourselves. All I'm saying is, at least they're protecting that. The democrats sold civil liberties down the river. The only rights they're willing to defend is the right of the government to make you their slaves.

Even on the issues that democrats used to win on, like privacy or peace, have been completely abandoned for their messiah. The most vocal peace proponent out there right now is Rand Paul. Psst! Hey, Jon! Rand is a republican.

Of course if Jon Stewart were to rip democrats as much as he rips republicans, his audience would start to dwindle. I know plenty of right leaning folks who watch the daily show, because we have the ability to understand humor and we can take a joke. The left can't. And if you don't believe that, I know a rodeo clown who'd like to have a word with you.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Navy yard shooting

My heart goes out to the victims. I suggest ignoring all news reports on the matter for the next 24-48 hours, as almost all of the reports will be wrong. A couple have already falsely identified the shooter.

I hope justice is meted out thoroughly.

And fuck the morgue dancers.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Only Government Employees Could Pull This Off

From Patterico, guess which government gave Nidal Hasan a shit ton of money after his arrest? Do you even need to ask? Only government employees could get away with this. Anyone in the private sector would be canned immediately, because, holy shit, why the hell would we keep paying them.

Patterico did the math on how much he got paid per victim. The government habitually aids our enemies, because government is necessarily evil. That's our tax dollars that were stolen from you and me under threat of arrest and given to a man who killed the people who volunteered to protect the nation.

The government is not your friend. It is not our protector. It is our enemy. It is our master. And we are its slave. It's getting to the point where people are going to stop complying, as there seems to be no logical reason to continue contributing to our own demise.