Friday, July 19, 2013

Reason #3,740 to be an anarchist:

The law is not applied equally.*** This mother fucker signed a law that he would later violate, and he thinks the appropriate response is to resign?

If you got caught paying for sex anywhere outside of certain counties in Nevada, could you escape jail time by saying, "I'll quit my job. There. Problem solved"? No, of course not, but then, you're not a wealthy and powerful politician (of the right persuasion).

Compare Spitzer's legal treatment, and that of Sen. Joseph Bruno. Bruno's supposed "crime" isn't even a damn crime anymore, and these corrupt fucks are still going after him. Spitzer CREATED the fucking law that he fucking broke, and everyone just laughs it off, because hey, he can go on Colbert. (although, I don't even think Spitzer was ready for the, I guess you could say "mock-demnation" at the end. Mediaite is generous with the headline.)

It isn't just the rank hypocrisy that drives me nuts on this, it really is about the way we treat "criminals" in this country. I personally don't believe that prostitution should be a crime (human trafficking and sex slavery are different stories), but Eliot Jizzbrain Spitzer does. He passed a law that should have put his own ass in jail. Instead, it only applies to us mundanes. Just think of all the lives of people just like Spitzer (without the job title) this law has destroyed; people who didn't have the option of just "choosing a different line of employment" and who actually had to go to jail. The system is inherently flawed because the men who create the laws are not held accountable to them.

If they don't obey their own laws, why the fuck should we?

***Jake Tapper is seriously one of the last honest reporters left. Him and Sheryl Atkinsson are the only two off the top of my head that I have enormous respect for. History will remember them kindly.***

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