Friday, July 12, 2013

Donde esta La Raza?

You know they read twitter, right? You've got multitudes of racists calling for the head of a Hispanic man who defended himself from a kid who was bashing his head into the fucking concrete, and La Raza is... where?

Oh, that's right. This doesn't fit their leftist agenda. They're perfectly happy to let the creepy-ass crackers take the fall for this, and the goddam media is too chicken shit to admit to fomenting racial hatred that they can't even correct the fact that they guessed his fucking ethnicity incorrectly. White Hispanic. White Hispanic? Really ? White Hispanic. That's what passes for journalism these days?

These prosecutors should be disbarred, and certain members of the media should be tried for inciting a mob to violence. And Hispanics should remember that La Raza has been entirely absent from Zimmerman's defense. Probably because he's a white Hispanic.

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