Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Remember the cowards (updated)

Here are the names of the cowards responsible for allowing the country to continue its downward spiral. Ryan voted no. Boehner voted no. Bachmann voted no. Cowards. Traitors. The whole fucking lot of them.

I was pleasantly surprised by some of the ayes, though. Gowdy has been impressive lately, and he continues to impress me. But I'm continually disappointed by a majority of the republicans. Amash got more democrat support than he got from republicans.

Maybe now, people can understand why we don't vote for the party anymore. Fuck them. Let it burn.

Update: Glenn Beck weighs in. I'm glad he's calling Bachmann out for this bullshit, but I still feel like slapping him for supporting her so fervently during the election. This isn't a new position for her. She has completely supported things like the NDAA and the patriot act. I'm glad he's waking up, but its kinda sad it took him this long.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Reason #3,740 to be an anarchist:

The law is not applied equally.*** This mother fucker signed a law that he would later violate, and he thinks the appropriate response is to resign?

If you got caught paying for sex anywhere outside of certain counties in Nevada, could you escape jail time by saying, "I'll quit my job. There. Problem solved"? No, of course not, but then, you're not a wealthy and powerful politician (of the right persuasion).

Compare Spitzer's legal treatment, and that of Sen. Joseph Bruno. Bruno's supposed "crime" isn't even a damn crime anymore, and these corrupt fucks are still going after him. Spitzer CREATED the fucking law that he fucking broke, and everyone just laughs it off, because hey, he can go on Colbert. (although, I don't even think Spitzer was ready for the, I guess you could say "mock-demnation" at the end. Mediaite is generous with the headline.)

It isn't just the rank hypocrisy that drives me nuts on this, it really is about the way we treat "criminals" in this country. I personally don't believe that prostitution should be a crime (human trafficking and sex slavery are different stories), but Eliot Jizzbrain Spitzer does. He passed a law that should have put his own ass in jail. Instead, it only applies to us mundanes. Just think of all the lives of people just like Spitzer (without the job title) this law has destroyed; people who didn't have the option of just "choosing a different line of employment" and who actually had to go to jail. The system is inherently flawed because the men who create the laws are not held accountable to them.

If they don't obey their own laws, why the fuck should we?

***Jake Tapper is seriously one of the last honest reporters left. Him and Sheryl Atkinsson are the only two off the top of my head that I have enormous respect for. History will remember them kindly.***

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Well, fuck Rolling Stone, then.

Seriously, fuck them. I really don't have a lot more to say about it than that.

That's a lie. I have a lot more to say about it. For 17 years, I busted my ass to become nominally talented at playing guitar and writing new and original music and lyrics. I never made it huge, and that's not my beef. My beef is that I know I'm not alone. I know there are hundreds of thousands of musicians out there who have busted their asses to get where they are, some of them have actually made it. Some of them dreamed of one day being on the cover of the premier music magazine of the country. Instead of them, the honor goes to the (alleged) Boston bomber.

This would be like if Good Housekeeping did a cover article on the cleanliness of Ted Kaczynski's mountain cabin. It's outrageous, and intentionally so.

Over at Mediaite, Rolling Stone has defended this indefensible act as "routine journalism." And, in defense of their absolute stupidity, these days I agree with them. After all, Time Magazine gave the cover to Klebold and Harris (Columbine shooters), Ted Kaczynski, and Nidal Hassan. But at least when Time did it, they didn't take the sexiest pictures of the psychos to put up.

It's still shit journalism. It's still glorifying murderers. It's still inspiring more nutjobs. I'm not arguing for censorship. I'm arguing for decency. I'm arguing for the free market to utterly destroy Rolling Go Fuck Yourselves. Boycott those dipshits. I've been on a defacto boycott for years (seriously, who the fuck still reads Rolling Stone?) but now I'll actively boycott and dissuade people from buying and supporting these brain dead morons.

The last Stone I bought had the Fugees on the cover. Make last weeks your last. Not another penny for these fucks.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Donde esta La Raza?

You know they read twitter, right? You've got multitudes of racists calling for the head of a Hispanic man who defended himself from a kid who was bashing his head into the fucking concrete, and La Raza is... where?

Oh, that's right. This doesn't fit their leftist agenda. They're perfectly happy to let the creepy-ass crackers take the fall for this, and the goddam media is too chicken shit to admit to fomenting racial hatred that they can't even correct the fact that they guessed his fucking ethnicity incorrectly. White Hispanic. White Hispanic? Really ? White Hispanic. That's what passes for journalism these days?

These prosecutors should be disbarred, and certain members of the media should be tried for inciting a mob to violence. And Hispanics should remember that La Raza has been entirely absent from Zimmerman's defense. Probably because he's a white Hispanic.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Finally free...

For the last 7 months, I've been a foster parent. For the record, I was a reluctant foster parent. I wanted nothing to do with DHS, but a family member was having their children kidnapped by the state, and I didn't want my relatives children being raised by strangers. My wife and I had almost convinced this relative to get into rehab before the state's intervention, but having their children ripped from their arms by agents of the government caused them to spiral even further downward.

Happily, with our help (despite the State's frequent protestations that we should let them die in a gutter if necessary), they finally got clean, and they just got their kids back. Hopefully, this is our last encounter with this monstrosity of an agency.

From the beginning, there were frequent problems. They had issues with the medication I take, and made it a point that I not be permitted to take my medicine while I was alone with the kids. They also tried to make my wife and I agents by requiring that we report any and all conversations we had with this relative to them. And every step of the way, DHS did everything they could do to ensure that my relative not get their children back.

The DHS had their start in the eugenics movement. They may not openly state it, but their objective seems to remain the same.

I understand that there are bad parents who actually harm their children. I understand that society has a need to protect the most innocent among us. But this agency doesn't protect children, they kidnap children from parents who haven't done any harm to their children. Yes, they may also get a few children away from genuinely bad people, but that's not their primary goal. Just like it isn't the cops primary goal to catch murderers, it's to give fines to motorists going 6 over the limit.

Anyway, the kids are back with their rightful parent, and DHS is out of my life. Now that things are back to normal, I hope to be blogging more. There's been a lot of scandals, a lot of freedom lost, a few freedoms reclaimed, and a few new reasons for hope.

I've also been thinking a lot about faith. I have a weird belief in God, and it's difficult to explain. I think Chick Missler is probably closest to what I believe. If you're interested, watch some of his videos on YouTube. I believe things are going to come to a head soon, and I believe the bible has predicted it.

So, more blogs to come on the many many scandals. Thanks for sticking around.