Saturday, February 9, 2013

Christopher Dorner

This is exactly like the Iran/Iraq war; I hope they both lose. To clarify, since Dorner is the enemy of my enemy, that only makes him my enemy's enemy. He is nothing to me but an interesting news story. Yes, I hate cops, but I also hate aggression.

However, the LAPD is going to have a LOT more enemies if they keep shooting at every pick-up truck on the road. I'd be willing to be my pension that by the time this is over, the cops will have killed more innocent bystanders than Dorner will have killed cops/families of cops.

And please, let's stop with the "finest" and the "bravest" bullshit. That hasn't been the case in decades, and it will never be the case again. These thugs break into homes, kill dogs and the elderly (sometimes the bedridden paralyzed elderly), shoot kids in the neck while they're sleeping on the couch. They routinely step on both the constitution and our necks, but they're "so brave" they have to pump 40 rounds into the paper lady's truck, because the tiny Mexican woman in the Blue Nissan Titan looked eerily similar to the large black man in the Silver Toyota Tacoma. So brave they are, indeed.

If you're a cop in LA, you might want to start standing up for what's right and speaking out against the corruption. Because I have a feeling that when this is over and Dorner is dead, some of the families of the cops newest victims might take his methods to heart.

And chances are, they won't send a nice manifesto to help the cops figure out who to hunt.

So, to once again clarify, Dorner is not on my team. He doesn't represent me. I don't hope he is successful, I hope he fails. And the exact same can be said for the police. You're not on my team, you don't represent me, and I hope you fail.

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