Sunday, January 6, 2013

Book and movie review

First, the book: The Joy of Hate by the always hilarious Greg Gutfeld. It's an in depth analysis of the beta-zation of America through repressive tolerance. And it's funny as hell.

I would excerpt some things for you, but I've already lent it to a friend. But he tackles the bullying issue, pointing out that the fact that everyone has been bullied means, logically, that everyone has done some bullying themselves. He also takes on the leftist idea of "tolerance means everyone agrees." He talks about working on the Death Star (Fox news), and how his liberal friends are treated when they appear on his show.

My suggestion: buy it, borrow it, download it, whatever. Read this book. As Gutfeld says in his intro, you may learn something, and at very least, you'll have read a book.

Movie review: Lawless

This movie is a rockin good time. It's about a 3 bootlegging brothers who are being squeezed by a corrupt DA and sheriff's department during prohibition. Tom Hardy (Bane in the Dark Knight Rises), Shai LeBeuf (I'm not going to look up how it's spelled. The kid from Transformers), and Guy Pierce (Memento, Count of Monte Cristo, Prometheus) make this movie fucking spectacular.

And I'm usually not a fan of the transformers kid. So that's saying a lot. He annoys me almost as much as Zachary Braff annoys everybody.

But anyway, the movie. An excellent unspoken point of this movie is that this is what happens when you make vices crimes. Vices are not crimes, they are simply means of self-gratification that people think differently of. Making a desired product illegal won't stop its production, consumption, or sale. It will only make violent people (gangsters and corrupt police officers [i.e. the ones with the most guns]) very rich, and a lot of peaceful people very dead.

Suggestion: worth the 1.25 from Redbox. Hell, I might even buy this one. The only downside of this movie was, like the DKR, I could only understand half of what Tom Hardy was saying. His accent in this movie causes him to kinda mumble sometimes.

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  1. I've been meaning to read Gutfeld's books for a while. I'm not able to watch many of his shows, but they are awesome. I like how it's usually pretty balanced. Not everyone on there agrees with each other. Nice to see a show with conservatives, libertarians, democrats, and GWAR, of course...

    Haven't heard of Lawless, sounds interesting.