Friday, November 16, 2012

Why Romney Lost

I've been avoiding this post for a while, because honestly, I can really only say why he lost me. I can point out that everyone seemed to want Anyone But Mitt, but then everyone in the republican primaries voted for Mitt. I didn't understand it. The few republicans I know who voted for Romney in the primaries all said the same thing, "yeah, he's not my favorite, but he seems the most electable." You see how well that worked out.

The biggest reason I can think of that Mitt Romney lost the election, was that the republicans nominated Mitt Romney. Republicans ran the guy who lost to the guy who already lost to Obama. And yes, I know Ron Paul also lost to McCain, but at least you could define a difference between them. What exactly was the difference between McCain and Romney?

For that matter, what's been the differences between the Bush's, Dole, McCain, or Romney? The only difference was Bush 43's original candidacy of peace. And even then, he lost the popular vote.

Romney lost because republicans don't ask who is best, they ask who's next.

Oh, and because he's kind of a pussy. I don't mean that as an attack on his manhood. Ann seems happy. I'm saying when he failed to show even an ounce of spine or righteous indignation and just played the media's game, he can't have won many votes. If he would have looked at Crowley when she lied about what Obama said after Benghazi and simply said, "Are you willing to stake your reputation as a journalist on that? Because when the folks watching this right now at home jump onto google, you're going to have a lot of explaining to do."

The republicans failed to harness the anger that the government has been creating among the people. Instead of riding a wave of populist anger against big government, bailouts, and this crony capitalist system, they tried to seem reasonable and calm. When Obama called Romney out for "not having a plan," Romney's first line should have been, "Let's talk about your plan, Mr President. The plan that got ZERO votes. Not even your own party wants to adopt your budget. Just because you don't understand basic economics doesn't mean the basic economic approach I'm suggesting isn't a plan."

Republicans tried to elect a door mat, who ended up getting less votes than John McCain (hey, just like when they ran against each other!). Gary Johnson had the strongest libertarian turn-out in history.

I know that a Ron Paul nomination would have made the neocons stay home and not vote, because he's too consistent and doesn't want a new war started every two fucking years. But now it's clear that the establishment needs to make a decision: do they drop the neocons and truly advocate for limited government and free markets, or do they keep losing elections appealing to the warfare/corporate welfare crowd and give up on libertarians?

My suggestion is to adopt the platform of liberty, and stick to it. I know they won't, and that's why Republicans will go the way of the Whigs. And they deserve to.

Some things to be optimistic about:
1) The shitty economy will be entirely Obama's.
2) Hey, at least Romney isn't president, right?
3) The main stream media will finally die, as their credibility plummets lower than Congress's approval ratings, OR
4) The media will actually start doing their jobs.
5) Yeah, I was just kidding about that last one. But you can be optimistic in their inevitable deaths (ratings, not literal).

Anyway, that's my suggestion. Let the neocons vote 3rd party for just one election, and see what happens. If republicans became the "get the government off my body" party, they could change everything.

But they'd rather keep Bill Kristol than Rand Paul. Bill Kristol, by the way, thinks the republicans need to get the young people. The same young people who supported the candidate that Kristol said should leave "his" party.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Oregon's Vote By Mail

Everyone I know who doesn't care enough to vote gives their ballot to someone else to vote for them. We may have a lot of ballots being sent in, but only a few people are voting.

This scam needs to end.

Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm sorry. I couldn't do it.

I could not vote for Mitt Romney. After the last debate, I am convinced that there will be virtually no change in a Romney Administration. I voted for someone with absolutely no chance of winning, but for the first time in my life, I know without a doubt that I voted correctly.

The first vote I ever cast was for George W. Bush, and he fucked us. I strongly considered voting for Howard Dean (on the anti-war side), but when John Kerry got the nod, I held my nose and voted for Bush again. Then after Paul lost the primary, I convinced myself that McCain and Palin would rediscover the constitution and lead accordingly. Hearing McCain speak recently, I'm glad he lost.

That feels strange to write, but it is true, nonetheless. During Obama's reign of destruction, we watched as he carried out extreme versions of the Bush Doctrine. On the left, I heard, "where were you for the last 8 years?" And on the right, "if Bush did this, there would be an uproar!" Obama has a secret kill list which he uses to assassinate American citizens without due process, the authority of NDAA to indefinitely detain American citizens without a trial, he's waged illegal wars, expanded the War on Americans (also known as the War on Drugs) and extended the provisions of the Patriot Act. Please tell me again why conservatives hate him? Please tell me exactly what McCain would have done differently?

Romney will continue all that. How do we know? Because that's the easiest goddam campaign on the planet: "Barack Obama thinks he has the right to decide that you, an American citizen, are guilty of a crime and can be executed without a trial. I think that's wrong." But he won't say that, because he plans on utilizing that kill list, expanding it, and doing God-knows-what.

Before you say "a vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama," let me just shut you up real quick: Mitt Romney never earned my vote, and in fact, never even tried to win my vote. Earlier, I was considering it, but then I witnessed the third debate (or as I called it, the Presidential Agreement).

Financially, this country is fucked. Forget the handbasket, we're on a greased-up pole to hell. 16 trillion dollars is far too large a hole to climb out of. Sure, with Romney as president, it might be easier to find a job, but the dollar that you earn won't be worth dick. They only chance we have to restore fiscal sanity in this country is full blown collapse. Until Americans wake up and realize that goods and services are not free and can never be free, then the only hope is economic suicide. Like when you catch your kid smoking cigarettes, and you make him smoke the whole carton so he never touches them again, so too will it be with the Americans who actually believed that something can be had for nothing.

But collapse is coming. It is imminent at this point. With new wars in Syria, Iran, expanded wars against American citizens, an out of control federal reserve, the NSA's Stellar Wind program, endless czars and bureaucracies, scandals and cover ups... This shit doesn't come cheap.

How is Romney going to reduce the deficit when he won't cut offense, er, I mean, defense spending? Closing loopholes (or as you and I call them, "tax deductions") and defunding NPR are good baby steps, but 16 fucking trillion in the hole? It's unfixable.

I just hoped we could have a little freedom while it collapsed.