Saturday, October 20, 2012

Why Anarcho-Capitalism pt II

Well, someone else says it better. Here's Doug Casey beating me to the punch. I hadn't read that one before my last blog, and if I had, my post could have been "here, just read what Doug Casey said." He sums it up rather eloquently.

I literally screamed "Yes!" when I read this part. It is the solution to the government: Voluntary Subscription:
The Mormon Church, for example, exerts a very significant amount of regulation of the private behavior of its members. I'm not a Mormon, of course, but I've lived in predominantly Mormon communities, and I have to say they tended to be cleaner, nicer, safer, etc. I'd say the Mormon religion exerts more control over its adherents than any state's laws have ever exerted over citizens – but those regulated like it. They believe they benefit from it, and most important of all, they are physically free to leave any time they want.

Not so for the state. This is why I've said in the past that the state is not a necessary evil but merely necessarily evil.

Read the whole thing.

There's a debate that's been going on for decades: have more people been killed in the name of religion than by atheist dictators (Stalin, Mao) throughout history? I think we've been asking the wrong question. Have more people been killed by governments than by individuals?

Hitler didn't kill 6 million Jews with his sidearm. He had a government full of people willing to take orders. Roosevelt didn't round up the Japanese, German, and Italian immigrants in his wheelchair. He had an army willing to take orders.

Government is not a necessary evil, it is necessarily evil. Well fuckin said, Mr Casey. Well fuckin said, indeed.

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