Sunday, September 30, 2012

Time crunch links

I'm getting kind of busy with school and kids and life in general, but here are some links. First and foremost, if you don't already read Lew Rockwell's page, bookmark it now. That site is a wealth of information, with new essays 6 days a week.

For example, there's this piece, by Christian Light. He points out the distinct difference between anarchists and communists, being that anarchists do not believe in utopia on earth. We acknowledge that there will always be bad people, and we don't try to force a change in human evolution that is unattainable.


What does it take to fire a cop? Via Will Grigg, all it takes is doing the right thing. This is why I hate the "brotherhood" of police officers. I've said before that I would love to believe that there are good cops on the force, but it is painfully clear that the few good cops are systematically a) expelled, or b) converted. The second one is the most prevalent, because its easier to look the other way than to stand up for what's right. Once you willfully allow evil to prevail, you're an accomplice. For 20 years, they tried to convert Regina Tasca. May history view her as the Rosa Parks of law enforcement.


In another 20 years, they'll finally admit he was right all along. Or who knows? Maybe supporting al Qaeda in Syria will turn out better than it did in Afghanistan and Libya. Since they only hate us for our freedoms, surely they must be absolutely loving us now, right?

Who would have thought that in an election year with double digit unemployment, gun walking scandals, illegal war, a ballooning deficit, a federal reserve printing press creating Monopoly money, a murdered ambassador and a cover up so bad, not even the progressive media won't even buy it, who would have thought that the most important issue, the one that affects every American, rich or poor, black or white, democrat or republican, would be the one issue no one is talking about? Sure, we're starting to talk about free speech in the wake of the Muhammad video, but what about the rest of our civil liberties?

How in the world does a top NSA person say the words "turnkey totalitarian state," and besides an article in Wired and on ZeroHedge, the only ones talking about it are the Alex Joneses of the world. A recent poll says that over half of Americans are okay with police drones patrolling our skies. Terrence Moonseed summed it up nicely: "this surveillance will enforce laws you no longer consent to, but by then, it'll be too late to protest, too. And anything you've said, typed or browsed can and will be used against you!"

Well, that's it for now. Take care of yourselves.

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