Monday, September 17, 2012

Coming soon: Blasphemy Laws!

Oh, if only I were being a hyperbolic alarmist: Dept of inJustice's Perez can't rule out future blasphemy laws. Click that link, and then tremble for your country.

This nation has become a parody of its once great self. Land of the free, we're told. Maybe at one time, we were. Maybe. We certainly aren't anymore. We've allowed ourselves to become complacent with the shackles at our feet. We've dutifully bound our own hands and stitched our own lips.

"We are days away from fundamentally transforming America." - This Fuckin' Guy (as Ace calls him). Mission accomplished, fucker.

I can't stand Romney. Don't agree with him on probably 50-65% of his issues. But This Fuckin Guy has got to go. Some people think he would be a lame duck if wins reelection, but his abuse of Executive Privilege, Executive Orders, and probably the Executive Bathroom, coupled with his administrations blatant disregard for the constitution and the rule of law seems to favor a prediction of tyranny.

Where are people to escape to now?

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