Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bring them home. Now.

With the embassy attacks in Egypt and Libya, the two revolutions supported by this administration, and the What The Fuck?! news that the Marines weren't allowed to use live ammo to protect the embassy, is it time to end our contemptible nation building?

I wish we had a president with balls. Someone who would get on international television and say, "Are you fucking kidding me? This wasn't a government movie, it was a private movie made by people in this country who enjoy the unalienable fucking right to free speech! This is why everyone hates you. Grow a fucking pair an stop being a bunch of pussies. There are 7.4 billion people on this godforsaken rock, chances are, you're not going to agree with all of them. Killing those you don't agree with is not acceptable, and beyond that, we will reign hellfire upon you for your insolence. You have 24 hours as a nation to deliver those responsible. When someone in this country commits violence against a mosque or even an individual Muslim, that person is brought to justice. If you refuse to comply, we will consider this an act of war. 24 hours, and we turn your entire country into a glass factory. Get your fucking shit together. Stop being fucking cavemen. You can be better than this. However, if you choose not to be better than this, than you will cease to exist."

But we don't fight wars to win them anymore. If this country isn't going to be truly imperialist, then we need to get the hell out. If we aren't going to take over these countries and actually run them, and colonize them as the British Empire did, then don't expect backward savages to change. Let them fight amongst themselves.

I'm done policing the world. We don't do it effectively, and it always seems to backfire. We overthrow democracy in Iran and inadvertently create a theocracy. We fund a terrorist organization to fight off the soviets in Afghanistan only to have that same organization orchestrate the most heinous terrorist attack on US soil in history. We prop up a puppet dictatorship in Egypt only to back a revolution against it, so that that revolution can attack our embassy.

We need to fix America before we go forcing the rest of the world to follow our failed example. We don't condemn free speech or apologize for it. We fight for it, and we die for it. The neoconservatives always say of the flag-burning hippies, "you know a soldier died for your right to free speech??"

What now?

How many soldiers are dying for your right to be looted at gun point? How much of our blood and treasure has been spent "spreading democracy," the one thing our founders all agreed was a fucking wretched idea, while our government circumvented our bill of rights?

Do I have to go on again about Stellar Wind? Because I fucking will. It's a base in Utah the size of 5 Capitol buildings, meant to store all your electronic data, text messages, emails, google searches, amazon purchases, blogs, phone calls... If you use any means of modern communication, they will store it. If you have an Xbox Kinect, they can use the camera to spy into your house. Or they can just turn on the camera on your smart phone and see whatever's going on. The new TV's coming out where you can just wave at it or talk to it? They'll be using those, too.

People who jerk off to Orwell should never be in charge of anything.

But back to my main point, bring the troops home. Close down the embassies and fuck the Bush/Obama Doctrine. We refuse to learn from the past and we deserve every ounce of misery that befalls us until we do. Cut every penny of foreign aid, close all the bases and embassies, open up the markets for domestic production, and engage our allies in free trade. Until we have our own house in order, he have no business "spreading democracy" around the globe.

Let those seeking freedom find their way to our shores and send those who would seek to destroy it adrift.

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