Friday, August 17, 2012

That being said...

Obama must be stopped. I'm pessimistic about a Romney/Ryan administration, but I don't know for certain that they will bail out banks/corporations, engage in cronyism, destroy civil liberties, engage in more nation building/world policing or any of the other hang ups I have on this ticket.

But I know for certain that Obama will. I have no doubt that a second Obama term would feature political prisoners if not outright assassinations (via drone, of course). And how do I know this? Because American citizens are already being assassinated. Forget Anwar al-Awhatever-his-name-was. Sure, he was technically an "American Citizen," but he had reportedly renounced his citizenship, so he didn't really deserve due process, a fair trial, and a humane execution. No, forget all that and think about his 16 year old American son, who was killed in a drone strike. Or, if you could care less about nationality, think about the innocent "collateral damage" when President Gutsy runs air strikes over funerals.

Do I believe that Romney/Ryan will circumvent the constitution when it suits their needs? Of course. Every modern president has. Do I believe we'll be involved in more conflicts than we are now? Well, if the peace-loving democrats keep doing it, why wouldn't the republicans who actually run on the World Police platform?

That. Being. Said.

We have Justin Amash. Rand Paul. We have a slew of fresh meat republicans in the house and senate who actually give two shits about the constitution. We can hold their feet to the fire.

If the Tea Party holds a rally during a Romney administration, he will be more apt to heed our warnings than Obama. And, we'll be less likely to be imprisoned for raciss hate crimez.

Is it more important to slow down the train than it is to turn it around? No, of course not. But turning it around isn't a viable option. We've only got two choices. Yes, I could vote for Gary Johnson. I could also throw my feces into the wind and chant "Chaka Khan!" ten times as fast as I can.

Do I support Mitt Romney? No. I'm an anarchist at heart. I don't believe any human being has the authority to tell me how to live. Make kind suggestions, sure. Otherwise, leave me the fuck alone.

But is Mitt Romney a better choice than Barack Obama for president of this failed experiment we call America?

Economically, the answer is a resounding yes. Especially with Ryan on the ticket. Even more especially with Joe Biden remaining on the ticket.

We've got to choose between Coke and Pepsi when all we really wanted was a Dr Pepper. Do we stomp our feet and yell at the waiter that they should serve Dr Pepper, or do we put on our big boy pants and say, "Fine, just give me the coke."

... And that's when Michael Bloomberg shows up and says, "no, he'll have the water."

I think this metaphor has gotten off track.

The point is, unless Gary Johnson's polls jump to over 20%, I'm probably going to end up voting for the guy who makes me less terrified.

I do so holding my nose, and I encourage no one to follow me. But after seeing what the Palace Guards have let this President get away with, and how no one seems to care what this guy does, I don't see a second Obama term ending.

And honestly, the more they try to make Romney into the tax-cheating-steel-worker-firing-steel-worker-wife-killing sonuvabitch who's "gon' put y'all back in chains," the more I like him.


  1. If people plan on doing more than voting then I don't necessarily mind that they vote for the lesser evil. For example, if a Christian were to say that he is spending time trying to change culture by preaching, I can at least respect that.

    Ideally, Americans would stand up and say "Both candidates suck and should be flogged to death with Chaz Bono's nipple hairs." The problem is that neither side seems to realize how their candidate will screw them over. How many know that Obama is cutting Medicare? Or that Republicans agreed to cut defense spending? Both sides are playing stupid games; people could easily discover the truth if only they wanted to.

    "And honestly, the more they try to make Romney into the tax-cheating-steel-worker-firing-steel-worker-wife-killing sonuvabitch who's "gon' put y'all back in chains," the more I like him."

    And the people said "Amen".

  2. Hahaha! Chaz Bono's nipple-hair! Hahaha!