Sunday, August 26, 2012

Legitimate rape

Todd Akin is a moron when it comes to anatomy. This much is clear. But people (mostly wymmins) are upset about his use of the term "legitimate rape," and how rape is rape is rape. First of all, can I point out the obvious? An "illegitimate rape" would be like when a woman like Crystal Magnum accuses the Duke Lacrosse team of rape when no rape occurred.

There's also a term called "forcible rape" which progressives are trying to tar Paul Ryan for saying. Again, the obvious: statutory rape is not forcible. It is considered rape because the age of the minor involved, and the law considering that age to be below the age for informed consent. But it is not forced. There's also rape by fraud, where you promise something (in the old days, marriage) that you have no intention of following through on, or by tricking someone into thinking you're someone you're not (like crawling into bed with someone else's wife).

But honestly, why are progressives NOW so upset about these terms? When Occupy Rape Street was going on, ultra lefties like Olbermann and Gore denied it, and in the case of a statutory rape charge, Olbermann said that it was consensual, therefore not rape.

Hold on a second... Just a few months ago, Olbermann was challenging the legitimacy of rape charges, yet Todd Akin is the scumbag for saying "legitimate rape?" No, my friends, Todd Akin is a moron who has shown himself to be too uneducated to hold elected office with any kind of power (maybe dog catcher. Maybe).

Tawana Brawley was not legitimately raped. Young scared girls who don't want to get grounded for two weeks and lose their iPhones cry rape when daddy finds out they've been getting freaky. My daughter's friend pulled that stunt, and lost my daughter's friendship over it. "She was willing to completely destroy the life of a man she claimed she loved just so she wouldn't lose her car. I don't need friends like that." Smart kid.

And yes, stress and trauma can cause a woman to miscarry. It's not the body's way of "shutting that whole process down," it's just something that happens. So yes, I say again, Todd Akin is a damn moron.

But are we really going to allow them to feign this abject disgust over the words "legitimate rape?" For fuck's sake, Roman Polanski drugged and raped a 13 year old girl, and Whoopi Goldberg says, "well, it wasn't rape-rape." Yes, it's fun to laugh when these fucksticks get their panties in a wad, but we're letting them drive the narrative.

I think maybe republicans should all take a page from Michael Baumgartner, and tell every inquisitive reporter asking about Akin to go fuck themselves.

And Mike Huckabee, seriously, you're a loser with a loser's sense. You're part of the new republican branch, the socially conservative, fiscally liberal branch. You belong in the democrat party, along with McCain and Graham. Stop propping up losers. Akin is this years O'Donnell, a power hungry fame whore who could only possibly win by accident.

So, to recap, Akin sucks, but don't let the left get away with fake outrage. Call them on their bullshit. Ask where Al Gore stands on the occupy rapes. Or Elizabeth warren. Or Barack Fucking Obama.

Take these fucks to task.


  1. "but we're letting them drive the narrative."

    You're right. We shouldn't ever let the fascists drive the narrative. They shouldn't be allowed to frame the debate or define the terms. They need to be mocked mercilessly.

    "Call them on their bullshit. Ask where Al Gore stands on the occupy rapes. Or Elizabeth warren. Or Barack Fucking Obama."

    I wonder what George Rape-Rape Martin thinks about rape.

  2. Damn, I forgot about George Martin...