Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gay rights?

First, read this. Did you read it? Okay, good, because this shit is getting out of hand.

The first point I want to make is that when you talk about gay rights, you lose. Why? 97ish% of the population is straight. What you want to talk about is "equal protection under the law." Gay marriage should never have been an issue because the government shouldn't be involved in marriage in the first place. Like Doug Stanhope said, "If marriage didn't exist, would you invent it? Would you say, 'baby, this shit we got going on is so awesome, we've got to get the government involved! We can't just keep this commitment between us, we've got to get judges and lawyers in on this shit!'"

No, you wouldn't think of that. The government should not be involved, and I shouldn't get any special considerations from the government for happening to find someone who's willing to put up with my shit. The fact that so many people are begging the government for the freedom to allow them to enter into a contract with another adult is disgusting. It's even more disgusting that the jingoists continue to insist that "This is 'Merica, the freest nation on earth!" No we're not.

Now to the nitty gritty. Stop being dickheads. Seriously, stop with the Dan Savage bullshit, the Chik-Fil-A bullshit, the "h8r" bullshit. Some people are just uncomfortable with changing the definition of marriage. They aren't advocating for your deaths, they aren't forcing you into slavery or even into Bachmann's Conversion Camp. Yes, there are a few people who legitimately hate you, just as there are legitimate racists and child molesters. The majority of the people you will encounter in your life will not be those people, but when you do meet them, you'll know it.

When your body is hanging from a 40 ft crane, just twitching out your breaths, and you hear the multitude of people cheering, that's when you'll understand what hate is. That's what your brethren have to endure in the middle east. Their coming out parties include giant fucking rocks being hurled at their heads. That's fucking hate.

The word you're looking for is "disagreers," but I'm not too sure that's a word. The point is, it's not hate. It's a political position we disagree with. Are we to be like MLK, winning hearts and minds with passionate and reasonable thought, or like Dan Savage, who calls Christian teens "pansy asses" because they'd rather not listen to him.

I have a Christian republican friend who I've been trying to convince to become a libertarian (he now hates cops and refers to them as "tax collectors"), and I almost had him convinced on gay marriage, and then Chik-Fil-A happens.

You're raising awareness for your cause in the same manner as the Westboro Baptist Church. Sure, more people know about you, but you're not exactly winning hearts and minds.

Or does that technique work? Did Dan Savage change some minds when he called those kids pansy asses? Or has he become the very thing he hates?

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