Thursday, August 30, 2012

Domestic Terrorists

This one probably won't win me many friends, but we have reached a tipping point. We have a government that, for decades, has been murdering civilians without due process. We know Obama approves of political assassinations, as witnessed by the executions of Anwar Al-Awlaki and his son.

But do we know where Romney/Ryan stand on killing Americans? As Vox points out in this article, that's the easiest campaign on the planet: "Obama wants to be able to kill you, I disagree with that." But we don't know if he disagrees, because no one on the left will ask Romney a question that would make Obama look bad, and no one on the right wants to take the chance that they'll alienate constitutionalists.

We have a police force (mobile link) that is absolutely out of control. I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I've absolutely had it with these pricks abusing their authority, terrorizing the populace with constant violence and illegal imprisonment.

Are we really the "freest country on earth?" We can't possibly be when we lock up more citizens than the most authoritarian regimes out there. Can we even pretend to be free when we've put an expiration date on privacy? It's September of next year, by the way. The Program, Stellar Wind brings us inches away from a turnkey totalitarian state.

The domestic terrorists are not only the Timothy McVeigh's who blow up buildings through some misguided sense of "purpose;" they are also the ones who kick in your door when you've done nothing wrong, and terrorize you and your family, inflicting violence against innocent people, with no concern for the rule of law.

In the words of The Big Lebowski, "This aggression will not stand, man!" The violence against us is only going to get worse unless someone makes a stand. People like the officers involved in Law Enforcers Against Prohibition. People like Radley Balko.

To accept this illegitimate authority of government over us is collective suicide. If the rule of law no longer exists for the president, congress, the court, the cops, and the tax collectors, then why do we continue to abide by it? Why should we keep obeying, when obedience says you have no right to life?

In speaking of the war on drugs, Penn Jillette made the sobering statement that this is not a goddam joke. Yes, it's fun to laugh at the hypocrisy of President Choom Gang raiding more pot dispensaries than Bush, but these are people's lives. Had Obama been busted, as a black man, with his pot, or his "a little blow," he would have done hard fucking time, and he wouldn't be president now.

This isn't a joke. These laws, the power these fuckers are assuming, the authority we blindly give them, they will be the death of us. And when they start keeping track of everything you do and say (Stellar Wind), and using drones to patrol your neighborhood, freedom will be gone forever.

The tree of liberty is dying of thirst.

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