Thursday, August 30, 2012

Domestic Terrorists

This one probably won't win me many friends, but we have reached a tipping point. We have a government that, for decades, has been murdering civilians without due process. We know Obama approves of political assassinations, as witnessed by the executions of Anwar Al-Awlaki and his son.

But do we know where Romney/Ryan stand on killing Americans? As Vox points out in this article, that's the easiest campaign on the planet: "Obama wants to be able to kill you, I disagree with that." But we don't know if he disagrees, because no one on the left will ask Romney a question that would make Obama look bad, and no one on the right wants to take the chance that they'll alienate constitutionalists.

We have a police force (mobile link) that is absolutely out of control. I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I've absolutely had it with these pricks abusing their authority, terrorizing the populace with constant violence and illegal imprisonment.

Are we really the "freest country on earth?" We can't possibly be when we lock up more citizens than the most authoritarian regimes out there. Can we even pretend to be free when we've put an expiration date on privacy? It's September of next year, by the way. The Program, Stellar Wind brings us inches away from a turnkey totalitarian state.

The domestic terrorists are not only the Timothy McVeigh's who blow up buildings through some misguided sense of "purpose;" they are also the ones who kick in your door when you've done nothing wrong, and terrorize you and your family, inflicting violence against innocent people, with no concern for the rule of law.

In the words of The Big Lebowski, "This aggression will not stand, man!" The violence against us is only going to get worse unless someone makes a stand. People like the officers involved in Law Enforcers Against Prohibition. People like Radley Balko.

To accept this illegitimate authority of government over us is collective suicide. If the rule of law no longer exists for the president, congress, the court, the cops, and the tax collectors, then why do we continue to abide by it? Why should we keep obeying, when obedience says you have no right to life?

In speaking of the war on drugs, Penn Jillette made the sobering statement that this is not a goddam joke. Yes, it's fun to laugh at the hypocrisy of President Choom Gang raiding more pot dispensaries than Bush, but these are people's lives. Had Obama been busted, as a black man, with his pot, or his "a little blow," he would have done hard fucking time, and he wouldn't be president now.

This isn't a joke. These laws, the power these fuckers are assuming, the authority we blindly give them, they will be the death of us. And when they start keeping track of everything you do and say (Stellar Wind), and using drones to patrol your neighborhood, freedom will be gone forever.

The tree of liberty is dying of thirst.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The coming anarchy

Usually, when people think of anarchy, they picture assholes with bandana covered faces smashing the windows of a McDonalds because "Fuck Capitalism, man!" The problem with those girl-jean wearing little pricks is that they aren't anarchists; they're hardcore communists and socialists. "But ghost, what's the difference?" you ask.

For one, they believe that somebody should just take it from those who have and give it to those who don't. These arrogant shitstains think they are the modern day Robin Hoods, stealing from the rich, and... Keeping what they steal. The legend of Robin Hood was about a man who stole BACK from the GOVERNMENT what the GOVERNMENT had stolen from the PEOPLE.

The anarchy I speak of will be much quieter, much more subtle, and far more destructive. It will start when people begin to open their eyes to the separate set of laws that govern you and govern them. When people hear about Brandon Raub and all the bullshit he's had to face this last month, and then they hear about this douchebag, one has to wonder where the FBI is on this one... I'm going to go out on a limb and say that our inJustice Department doesn't investigate this fully without a full media uproar.

We could look at Gibson and Martin guitars; both used the same type of wood in their guitars, but Gibson's were the only ones raided by the Feds with over a million in property seized. No raids or warrants on Martin, a democrat donor. After 2 years of no charges and no chance of their property being returned, Gibson finally gave up and pleaded down (what I personally like to call "prosecutorial blackmail") just to put this bullshit behind them.

But this, this is what will send people over the edge. People talk about the need for police, and how if citizens are armed, more innocent bystanders will be needlessly gunned down. To that, Eric Peters and myself would like to ask, "What now, motherfucker?" They love to say that the Colorado massacre would have been exponentially worse if the citizens in the theatre had been given a fighting chance and the ability to shoot back. Well, with police, it is exponentially worse. Did you click that link? You should. A woman calls 911 to report a masked man acting suspicious. Cops show up and see unmasked female homeowner, who says, "I'm the homeowner," which is when the cops shot her.

We hear these stories all the time; Cops abusing authority to steal money, abusing authority in minor traffic stops, not to mention the drug war and all the violence and death associated with it, and of course the wrong-house raids, which of course, have a tendency to end in dead citizens, dead dogs, or dead cops.

When the population begins to understand that the laws that are being passed have nothing to with safety, and everything to do with control, anarchy will come. If you're a grown ass adult, and you choose to risk your life not wearing a seat belt, that should not be just cause for police to stop you, search you, arrest you, and steal your shit. The only reason it's against "the law" to drive without a seatbelt is because police needed another reason to pull you over. There are so many laws on the books, that cops don't even know when someone is not actually breaking the law.

We've all worked for some bullshit corporation that has bullshit rules that they don't ask everyone to follow, right? Have you figured out why? It's so, when they decide they don't like you anymore, they can "justly" fire you. That's why we have so many laws. It's not to keep us safe, it's to give the tax collectors a reason to stop you, harass you, and steal your property.

Anarchy is coming. Not because we want to smash windows and steal what we want, but because we are done recognizing flawed authority. They are human beings, flawed as we all are. If every man is flawed, how can any man assume authority over another? Why do we let them? We can all live by decent morals and ethics without jackbooted thugs threatening us.

The anarchy that's coming will start with non-compliance. Why should we follow the laws that law enforcement refuses to follow themselves? Thomas Jefferson is rumored to have said (I don't know, I wasn't there), "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so."

Every day, more people are waking up and saying "Fuckit." Soon, it will be the majority of us. And what a glorious day it will be.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Legitimate rape

Todd Akin is a moron when it comes to anatomy. This much is clear. But people (mostly wymmins) are upset about his use of the term "legitimate rape," and how rape is rape is rape. First of all, can I point out the obvious? An "illegitimate rape" would be like when a woman like Crystal Magnum accuses the Duke Lacrosse team of rape when no rape occurred.

There's also a term called "forcible rape" which progressives are trying to tar Paul Ryan for saying. Again, the obvious: statutory rape is not forcible. It is considered rape because the age of the minor involved, and the law considering that age to be below the age for informed consent. But it is not forced. There's also rape by fraud, where you promise something (in the old days, marriage) that you have no intention of following through on, or by tricking someone into thinking you're someone you're not (like crawling into bed with someone else's wife).

But honestly, why are progressives NOW so upset about these terms? When Occupy Rape Street was going on, ultra lefties like Olbermann and Gore denied it, and in the case of a statutory rape charge, Olbermann said that it was consensual, therefore not rape.

Hold on a second... Just a few months ago, Olbermann was challenging the legitimacy of rape charges, yet Todd Akin is the scumbag for saying "legitimate rape?" No, my friends, Todd Akin is a moron who has shown himself to be too uneducated to hold elected office with any kind of power (maybe dog catcher. Maybe).

Tawana Brawley was not legitimately raped. Young scared girls who don't want to get grounded for two weeks and lose their iPhones cry rape when daddy finds out they've been getting freaky. My daughter's friend pulled that stunt, and lost my daughter's friendship over it. "She was willing to completely destroy the life of a man she claimed she loved just so she wouldn't lose her car. I don't need friends like that." Smart kid.

And yes, stress and trauma can cause a woman to miscarry. It's not the body's way of "shutting that whole process down," it's just something that happens. So yes, I say again, Todd Akin is a damn moron.

But are we really going to allow them to feign this abject disgust over the words "legitimate rape?" For fuck's sake, Roman Polanski drugged and raped a 13 year old girl, and Whoopi Goldberg says, "well, it wasn't rape-rape." Yes, it's fun to laugh when these fucksticks get their panties in a wad, but we're letting them drive the narrative.

I think maybe republicans should all take a page from Michael Baumgartner, and tell every inquisitive reporter asking about Akin to go fuck themselves.

And Mike Huckabee, seriously, you're a loser with a loser's sense. You're part of the new republican branch, the socially conservative, fiscally liberal branch. You belong in the democrat party, along with McCain and Graham. Stop propping up losers. Akin is this years O'Donnell, a power hungry fame whore who could only possibly win by accident.

So, to recap, Akin sucks, but don't let the left get away with fake outrage. Call them on their bullshit. Ask where Al Gore stands on the occupy rapes. Or Elizabeth warren. Or Barack Fucking Obama.

Take these fucks to task.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Not supposed to work on the Sabbath

So, here's some links:

Serve your country, lose your rights. This right here is some bullshit.

Reason #3,647 we have failed as a species. Because we haven't even learned from Nuremberg.

Why do we obey? I mean, besides "because they have guns..."

To protect and serve... Making sure no dog goes unkilled, no child unhandcuffed, and above all, making sure those handcuffed children sit next to their dead dog for an hour or so. Would you be surprised if I told you they were raiding the wrong house?

You are 8 times more likely to be murdered by police than a terrorist. 8 times. 8. Times.

Well, that's all for now. I'm gonna go eat some cake.

Friday, August 17, 2012

That being said...

Obama must be stopped. I'm pessimistic about a Romney/Ryan administration, but I don't know for certain that they will bail out banks/corporations, engage in cronyism, destroy civil liberties, engage in more nation building/world policing or any of the other hang ups I have on this ticket.

But I know for certain that Obama will. I have no doubt that a second Obama term would feature political prisoners if not outright assassinations (via drone, of course). And how do I know this? Because American citizens are already being assassinated. Forget Anwar al-Awhatever-his-name-was. Sure, he was technically an "American Citizen," but he had reportedly renounced his citizenship, so he didn't really deserve due process, a fair trial, and a humane execution. No, forget all that and think about his 16 year old American son, who was killed in a drone strike. Or, if you could care less about nationality, think about the innocent "collateral damage" when President Gutsy runs air strikes over funerals.

Do I believe that Romney/Ryan will circumvent the constitution when it suits their needs? Of course. Every modern president has. Do I believe we'll be involved in more conflicts than we are now? Well, if the peace-loving democrats keep doing it, why wouldn't the republicans who actually run on the World Police platform?

That. Being. Said.

We have Justin Amash. Rand Paul. We have a slew of fresh meat republicans in the house and senate who actually give two shits about the constitution. We can hold their feet to the fire.

If the Tea Party holds a rally during a Romney administration, he will be more apt to heed our warnings than Obama. And, we'll be less likely to be imprisoned for raciss hate crimez.

Is it more important to slow down the train than it is to turn it around? No, of course not. But turning it around isn't a viable option. We've only got two choices. Yes, I could vote for Gary Johnson. I could also throw my feces into the wind and chant "Chaka Khan!" ten times as fast as I can.

Do I support Mitt Romney? No. I'm an anarchist at heart. I don't believe any human being has the authority to tell me how to live. Make kind suggestions, sure. Otherwise, leave me the fuck alone.

But is Mitt Romney a better choice than Barack Obama for president of this failed experiment we call America?

Economically, the answer is a resounding yes. Especially with Ryan on the ticket. Even more especially with Joe Biden remaining on the ticket.

We've got to choose between Coke and Pepsi when all we really wanted was a Dr Pepper. Do we stomp our feet and yell at the waiter that they should serve Dr Pepper, or do we put on our big boy pants and say, "Fine, just give me the coke."

... And that's when Michael Bloomberg shows up and says, "no, he'll have the water."

I think this metaphor has gotten off track.

The point is, unless Gary Johnson's polls jump to over 20%, I'm probably going to end up voting for the guy who makes me less terrified.

I do so holding my nose, and I encourage no one to follow me. But after seeing what the Palace Guards have let this President get away with, and how no one seems to care what this guy does, I don't see a second Obama term ending.

And honestly, the more they try to make Romney into the tax-cheating-steel-worker-firing-steel-worker-wife-killing sonuvabitch who's "gon' put y'all back in chains," the more I like him.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


... Or Why We Fail To Learn

Paul Ryan is definitely smart, but he's also a big government republican. No Child, Patriot Act, Part D... He was a go-along republican under Bush.

The conservatives love him because of the Ryan/Wyden plan, which proposed a balanced budget in about 40 years. Rand Paul had a budget proposal that would have balanced the budget in 5, and his father's plan would have done it even faster.

Republicans and Democrats both rejected the proposals. They are two wings of the same bird, and less power is not something they seek. Under Romney/Ryan, we should expect the following:
*expansions in the militarization of our police forces
*expansions in the federal govt for health care, education, the pentagon, etc
*the complete obliteration of the 4th amendment
*the dismantling of the 10th amendment

Under Obama, we have enjoyed the following:
*expansions in the militarization of our police forces
*expansions in the federal govt for health care, education, the pentagon, etc
*the complete obliteration of the 4th amendment
*the dismantling of the 10th amendment

Remember, The machinery is already in place. And the machine doesn't care which party is in control, because they control both parties. Privacy will die, because we didn't wake up in time.

My buddy says, "They're never going to wake up, are they?" They'll wake up. They may be in a gas chamber when it happens, but they'll wake up.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gay rights?

First, read this. Did you read it? Okay, good, because this shit is getting out of hand.

The first point I want to make is that when you talk about gay rights, you lose. Why? 97ish% of the population is straight. What you want to talk about is "equal protection under the law." Gay marriage should never have been an issue because the government shouldn't be involved in marriage in the first place. Like Doug Stanhope said, "If marriage didn't exist, would you invent it? Would you say, 'baby, this shit we got going on is so awesome, we've got to get the government involved! We can't just keep this commitment between us, we've got to get judges and lawyers in on this shit!'"

No, you wouldn't think of that. The government should not be involved, and I shouldn't get any special considerations from the government for happening to find someone who's willing to put up with my shit. The fact that so many people are begging the government for the freedom to allow them to enter into a contract with another adult is disgusting. It's even more disgusting that the jingoists continue to insist that "This is 'Merica, the freest nation on earth!" No we're not.

Now to the nitty gritty. Stop being dickheads. Seriously, stop with the Dan Savage bullshit, the Chik-Fil-A bullshit, the "h8r" bullshit. Some people are just uncomfortable with changing the definition of marriage. They aren't advocating for your deaths, they aren't forcing you into slavery or even into Bachmann's Conversion Camp. Yes, there are a few people who legitimately hate you, just as there are legitimate racists and child molesters. The majority of the people you will encounter in your life will not be those people, but when you do meet them, you'll know it.

When your body is hanging from a 40 ft crane, just twitching out your breaths, and you hear the multitude of people cheering, that's when you'll understand what hate is. That's what your brethren have to endure in the middle east. Their coming out parties include giant fucking rocks being hurled at their heads. That's fucking hate.

The word you're looking for is "disagreers," but I'm not too sure that's a word. The point is, it's not hate. It's a political position we disagree with. Are we to be like MLK, winning hearts and minds with passionate and reasonable thought, or like Dan Savage, who calls Christian teens "pansy asses" because they'd rather not listen to him.

I have a Christian republican friend who I've been trying to convince to become a libertarian (he now hates cops and refers to them as "tax collectors"), and I almost had him convinced on gay marriage, and then Chik-Fil-A happens.

You're raising awareness for your cause in the same manner as the Westboro Baptist Church. Sure, more people know about you, but you're not exactly winning hearts and minds.

Or does that technique work? Did Dan Savage change some minds when he called those kids pansy asses? Or has he become the very thing he hates?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Something must break

Wow. Just wow. Cops beat a man with Tourette's for amusement.

And cops pepperspray a man in a wheelchair. For videotaping them. Because they're above the law.

Drug your child, or we'll call in the fuckin tank. This won't get better when the government takes complete control of health care.

Cops are useless, but not harmless. and just so you don't forget that, they'll kick it into your handcuffed ass.

Or they'll just shoot you in the head. While handcuffed in the back of the squad car. And they'll call it a suicide.

Back when I was young, I liked this shitty punk band called 90 Pound Wuss, and they had a song called Something Must Break(video here) and I heard it again today. Thought it was appropriate.

Their freedom comes with chains, and their protection leaves all of us afraid. The tree of liberty is getting thirsty...