Monday, July 2, 2012

What's the point now?

With the nomination of Willard to be the republican nominee, many conservatives, who aren't actively trying to purge the party of differing views like Bill Kristol is, pleaded with the constitutionalist wing of the party (affectionately referred to as "Paulbots") to vote for Romney. "Yes, yes, we know you disagree with him vehemently on foreign intervention and civil liberties, but think about the supreme court nominations! Do you really want two more Kagans and Sotomayors?"

No, no I don't want more Kagans and Sotomayors on the bench. They are rubber stamps for big government and expansion of powers, and they view the constitution with an obvious contempt. But do we need another John Roberts? And how did we get stuck with Roberts, Kagan, and Sotomayor? Spineless republicans capitulating to a rabid leftist crowd.

Why should I waste my vote on someone like Romney, when I can vote third party and use my vote to send a message to the GOP: "you still don't get it." I can't speak for the rest of you, but for me, smaller government means smaller government. The word "limited" actually has meaning. When the fuck did we actually become Europe, where our only choices are more of this government or more of that government?

Conservatives are righteously indignant about Nanny Bloomberg's soda ban, yet yawn indifferently when people are actually murdered by police during drug raids. Liberals bitch and piss about "keeping the govenment out of my uterus!" then creates legislation to put the government into your uterus, lungs, heart, bowels, ears, mouth and throat.

So please, tell me. What the fuck is the point of joining either side now?


  1. "What the fuck is the point of joining either side now?"

    If I knew that the Republicans would repeal Obamacare I would probably vote for them in spite of all the other filth they support. Unfortunately for them, I have no way of knowing that their rhetoric is anything but lies.

    1. Exactly right. Thanks for the comment, bro.