Friday, July 20, 2012

The Batman Massacre

First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers are with the families and the victims of this psycho's rampage. I hope you find the comfort you need, and that healing finds you quickly. I can't begin to comprehend the pain you must be going through, so I won't pretend to.

To the media/politicians, stop trying to figure out who's to blame. We know who's to blame already. His name is James Holmes. It's not gun laws, the tea party, occupy wall street, video games, music, movies, or a degenerating culture teetering on the edge of the abyss. Ok, maybe it's a little of that last one. But the entirety of the blame rests on this douchebag's shoulders.

Just like that Brevyik (or whatever the fuck his name was) guy that slaughtered the youth camp, or the psycho that gunned down a dozen people in Arizona, or those two dipshits at columbine, or whatever other tragedy that occurs, you assholes are always looking to push your stupid fucking agenda, whichever one it happens to be. Just stop. Let the grieving at least bury family members before you start dancing on their graves.

Because that's what you're doing. You are dancing on the graves of people whose only crime was wanting to see how the new Batman movie ends before the dickwad in their office gives away the ending. (Don't fucking ruin it, either. I already got a sitter so The Mrs and I can go.) And for that, you dance on their graves, blaring your trumpet to be the loudest fucking prick on the overcrowded plot.

If I point out that this has nothing to do with politics, then you say "Well, I'm sure the toxic nature of my opposition isn't helping..." No, mother-fucker. The word you're looking for is "affecting." As in, it didn't affect the outcome one way or another.

You realize that this is the reason everybody hates you, right? You elitist scum dance on the graves of peasants, not for justice, but because it suits your specific ideological masturbation fantasies.

Killing people in a crowded theater is already a crime. Obviously, another law was not going to stop this clown.

Can we let those suffering have one damn day? At least one day to process the fact that their loved one is forever gone? Or should we start calling it "morgue dancing"?

I've never been more disgusted in a group of people in all my life. If you had any shame left, you wouldn't be journalists and politicians.

Go to hell,


  1. This is how I feel about it. I didn't even read much about this because I already knew people were going to spin it. I just get tired of the boring arguments.