Saturday, July 14, 2012

A couple of good reads and some thoughts

First, from Lew Rockwell's site, The Creation of a South Park Nation. Pull quote:
Nowhere are "imaginary crimes" more prevalent in this country than in so-called sex crimes, be they rape, sexual assault, or child molestation, and no other set of "crimes" requires less proof for conviction. For all of the wistful talk of "revolution," Americans need to understand that a legal revolution already has occurred, as Congress, the courts, and the executive branch have teamed up to wipe out what once was called "due process of law."

Now, these next couple of pieces tie together in a weird way. Well, this week, it came out that when Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered, the border agents were forced to use bean bags in the face of automatic weapons (that had been supplied by our Department Of Justice). Now, another document says that the border patrol should run, hide, or if they're really threatened, throw rocks. Yes, the people who are supposed to be protecting this country from foreign invaders have to throw rocks at them. Meanwhile, our police forces are murdering mentally disturbed people with all the discretion that a cartel leader would have. That is, when they're not murdering dogs. Or murdering dogs while informing a family of their son's homicide.

This is what it has come to. We give more consideration to human traffickers than we do to our own citizens. You have a better chance surviving being a drug mule across the border than you do surviving living next door to a guy who sells pot and the police decide to raid the wrong house.

At least the border patrol can't shoot first. The only question I have is why the fuck would they want to come here anymore?


  1. "The only question I have is why the fuck would they want to come here anymore?"

    My guess is that they plan on doing whatever they want regardless of what this government says--which is exactly what we should be doing...