Sunday, June 17, 2012

Trust me. I'm with the government.

From Reason Magazine, here's some proof that Eric Holder is lying about how he handles medical marijuana dispensaries. At this point, with fast and furious, this, Gibson, voter ID, it would be much easier to list all the times the Atty Gen has told the truth. It happened once. He said, "I, Eric Holder..." everything after that was bullshit. If I'm running a presidential campaign, Eric holder is in every other ad.

The Oatmeal is being threatened with a lawsuit for asking someone to stop stealing his shit (or at least give some attribution). And Mr Oatmeal is handling it quite nicely.

Aaron "Worthing" Walker free! This isn't a left vs right thing, it's a free speech thing, in which some leftists are trying to use lawfare to silence conservatives.

A hero is born. Some bleeding hearts may disagree, and while I may be against capital punishment (and really, only because I don't trust the government to implement it judiciously), I have no problem with this sort of vigilantism.

Via Radley Balko, just another instance of cops killing your best friend. It's only a matter of time before we extend Castle Doctrine to include pets. Here's an idea, you fascist fucking pigs: if you want to go onto someone's property without a warrant, knock on the fucking door! If we don't answer, that doesn't give you just cause to trespass, let alone destroy private property, it means you have to walk your fat lazy donut munching ass around the property. And how many times do you need to shoot a fucking dog, anyway? Was it still snarling at you an trying to bite when you unloaded your clip into it?

Happy Fathers Day. Peace, Love, and Cheap Urinal Cakes,

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