Thursday, June 21, 2012

Eric Holder needs to go

And in my humble opinion, he should face jail time. I could list all the times Holder has failed to operate as an agent of the law.

But Fast and Furious takes the cake. It obviously goes all the way to the top. This is corruption at its worst. We have, at best, a department of justice so inept, it allowed over 2,000 weapons to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. At worst, we have a department of justice who deliberately moved over 2,000 guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels in order to create a false narrative that 95% of firearms used by Mexican drug cartels originate in American gun stores in order to strip Americans of their right to bear arms. The result? Over 300 dead Mexicans and at least 2 federal agents, Brian Terry and Jamie Zapata.

Eric Holder has lied repeatedly to congress and the American people. And with Obama asserting Executive Privilege, we know this goes all the way to the top. At best, all involved should be unemployed. At worst, they should be in prison. No one is above the law in this country. No one. It's time we remind them of that.

The Tree of Liberty is getting thirsty.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Trust me. I'm with the government.

From Reason Magazine, here's some proof that Eric Holder is lying about how he handles medical marijuana dispensaries. At this point, with fast and furious, this, Gibson, voter ID, it would be much easier to list all the times the Atty Gen has told the truth. It happened once. He said, "I, Eric Holder..." everything after that was bullshit. If I'm running a presidential campaign, Eric holder is in every other ad.

The Oatmeal is being threatened with a lawsuit for asking someone to stop stealing his shit (or at least give some attribution). And Mr Oatmeal is handling it quite nicely.

Aaron "Worthing" Walker free! This isn't a left vs right thing, it's a free speech thing, in which some leftists are trying to use lawfare to silence conservatives.

A hero is born. Some bleeding hearts may disagree, and while I may be against capital punishment (and really, only because I don't trust the government to implement it judiciously), I have no problem with this sort of vigilantism.

Via Radley Balko, just another instance of cops killing your best friend. It's only a matter of time before we extend Castle Doctrine to include pets. Here's an idea, you fascist fucking pigs: if you want to go onto someone's property without a warrant, knock on the fucking door! If we don't answer, that doesn't give you just cause to trespass, let alone destroy private property, it means you have to walk your fat lazy donut munching ass around the property. And how many times do you need to shoot a fucking dog, anyway? Was it still snarling at you an trying to bite when you unloaded your clip into it?

Happy Fathers Day. Peace, Love, and Cheap Urinal Cakes,

Monday, June 11, 2012

Please join me in welcoming...

Gigi Larin (last name omitted) to the world! My wife was a surrogate for a lovely couple from New York named Josh and Joseph. This beautiful baby girl came was born today, June 11th at 2:36PST.

It's been a truly amazing experience to be a part of. My wife and I are blessed to have 5 children of our own, and to be able to help give that gift to a couple who needed our help was, again, simply amazing.

Mrs Ghost is recovering nicely. Josh and Joseph are already making great parents. Get used to not sleeping, guys. ;)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pro-choice my fuckin ass

Read the whole thing. I would be outraged if I wasn't suspecting this already.
So why would feminists be against a male Pill? According to the doc, their answer is that they don’t want the decision to have a child or not taken away from women. In other words, they believe that men having decision-making power over their own reproduction is tantamount to taking that reproductive power away from women. The male Pill, in a twisted feminist’s mind, is akin to outlawing abortion or the female Pill.

Yup, pro-choice feminists are perfectly happy as long as men don't have a choice. If you watch the video at the link, and I strongly suggest you do, you hear the real reason why femibitches are against it. "What if a man lies and says he's on the pill?" What? These cunts have no problem when some psycho lies about taking her pill or "forgets," but the sheer possibility that a MAN might do the same thing that thousands of women do every fucking year, and these harpy whales have conniptions.

They scream about a war on women because we're trying to slow down their jihad against men.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Playing catch up...

I haven't blogged anything for awhile, so I figured what the hell, eh?
A few things on my mind:
1. Rand Paul endorsing Mitt Romney. Now, I'm a big fan of Paul's and not so much of Romney's, but seriously, why are Ron Paul fans so pissed about this? Of the two choices, Romney is the better choice. Yeah it sucks, but our guy didn't win. You want to admit defeat and cower in your bed until the system collapses? You want to declare liberty dead because one individual didn't conform to the collective (in this case, libertarians) thought? You're on the wrong side. We don't call people traitors for expressing an opinion (at least, we aren't supposed to). Grow the fuck up.
2. This right here. I don't have the legal funds to mention this guy's name, so read that, be outraged, and do something about it.
3. My gay friends: please understand that the left hates you. I don't say that with the loaded rhetoric of calling someone a homophobe; rather look at the insults they choose to use on twitter or Facebook or whathaveyou. Fag. Cocksucker. Homo. Buttfucker. Visit Lee's site and read the comments. The left loves viewing anyone to the right of Mao as closest-case self-loather, because it makes them easier to hate. Do Klansman call people racist as an insult? No. It's not an insult to them. N****r-lover is an insult to them, so they say that. Likewise, when you use a word as an insult, it's because you think there is something insulting about the connotations. If I say, "Joe is such a fag. I can't stand that fairy prick." You can tell from that statement that I despise both Joe and gays. I can't believe I still have to explain this to people, but almost every damn day. I know that republicans aren't exactly gay friendly, and some are downright hostile (Santorum) to them. But seriously, leftists demonstrate hourly how much they hate you.
4. Turns out dogs can sense evil, but unfortunately aren't bullet proof. But hey, at least it wasn't a a peasant's dog. This time.
5. Ok, seriously, fuck the police. This is getting ridiculous. It's only a matter of time before a cop gets shot and it's deemed self def-uh... A matter of time has apparently arrived.
6. The private sector is doing fine. And unicorns fart magic rainbows filled with the smiles of every child.
7. Just celebrated my birthday. Mrs. Ghost is about ready to pop (Monday is the due date), and summer is upon us, but I'm going to try and blog more.
8. This guy. he's also spent a fair amount of time on He Who Shall Sue If You Mention His Past, and also all things free speech. So pop in there and for some good reading.
9. Nein! Du bist eine purpur shildcrita!
10. Why libertarianism is better: it's harder to be hypocritical when you don't tell other people what they should do.