Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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If this graphic doesn't say it all, then I don't know what does. This election gets more depressing with each passing primary/caucus. Right now, the vote seems split between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.

How? How the fuck did we let this happen? I understand the hesitance towards Ron Paul. He's got those crazy newsletters and those isolationist views. Still, why has there been no republican alternative to the defender of the constitution? The closest we got in this cycle was Rick Perry. I understood his rise in the polls far more than I understand how Gingrich or Santorum are even still in the race, let alone viable options.

Tea party folks: we've lost our way in our quest for "who can beat Obama." We despise big government, yet we seem to be nominating big government republicans. Hey government! Don't tell me what I can eat! But please, please make sure I don't give into temptation and smoke marijuana or engage in anal sex with my wife! I can't stop myself without the government!

"But Ghost, we're losing our civilization! We're letting gays get married, cancer patients smoke pot, and whole swarms of young children get onto an airplane without being groped! We need government to protect me from the people that the government keeps fucking with!"

You can't have big wars, domestic or foreign, without a big government. We can't force people to not shoot heroin without a big government with armed brutes willing to kick down the wrong doors and shoot blindly at shadows in the night.

And now the state is telling the church that they have to give away free abortifacients. And conservatives are screaming "you don't have the right take away our freedoms!"

Then stop giving them the goddam power. Romney and santorum can't beat Obama, so four more years of this. And even if Romney or Santorum pull off an upset, it'll still be 4 more years of debt, bailouts, mandates, wars, and loss of liberty and property.

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