Sunday, January 1, 2012


I've heard this term a lot whenever the topic comes up and I divulge that I'm not a fan of abortion. The saddest, most disheartening part of it, is that I actually have to defend why I'm against ending a human life. That's the position that needs to be defended. Is that where we are as a society? I understand when someone tells me that they're pro-choice, I know it's not because they love the idea of fetuses being dissolved, but they're concerned about the scared young girl who's run out of options.

But for someone reason, I must blow up abortion clinics in my spare time, or at the very least, throw a party every time an abortionist is gunned down in cold blood.

I'm not an absolutist on abortion. In the cases of rape or when the mothers life is in danger, but in this age of condoms, pills, patches, shots, implants, time release capsules... Why should there be such a need for abortion?

And why am I the one that needs to defend that position? I'm not antichoice anymore than you are antilife.

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