Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Love Botched Abortions When The Mother Dies

Or, why I don't have enough hate in my heart to be an animal rights advocate.

Out on the road the other day, I saw* a bumper sticker that said "I (heart) Hunting Accidents." I was flabbergasted. Imagine the headline of this post as a bumper sticker; even the most staunch pro-lifer would be appalled and disgusted.

But this is what passes for acceptable discourse these days. So from now on, I propose that we call animal rights activists what they are: Anti-Humanists. They hate people. It's not that they love animals so much, they just hate people. Let's take a look at this logically: what do they propose?

1. Ban scientific testing on animals. I'm just going to start with one glaring hypocrisy here. When you take your dog, cat, horse, lizard, unicorn or griffin to the vet, and they give them a shot, a vaccine, or any type of medicine, who the hell do you think they tested those medicines on? Animal testing saves animal lives. Go figure. Now, for humans, off the top of my head, insulin (which the VP of PeTA uses to control her diabetes, fucking hypocrite), polio, foot and mouth disease, cholora, rabies, and diphtheria. Currently, they're researching Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, AIDS, alcoholism, and slew of other horrible things. The animals are treated humanely, and the people who work there respect the animals.

2. No animals as companions. They believe that keeping animals as pets is slavery. It's pitiful, really. The worst is seeing eye dogs. Like I said, it's not a love for animals, but a hatred of humanity.

3. Vegan diets for all! Meat is murder! If animals could talk, we wouldn't eat them! All of this bullshit is just that: bullshit. First off, vegan diets aren't healthy (and they taste horrible). Everyone I ever met who attempted to go vegan was advised by a doctor to stop being vegan. Then, there are people like myself, who have severe food allergies. I'm pretty much stuck with meat and potatoes. And yes, you can't get meat without ending an animals life, just like you can't eat a salad without murdering some lettuce, slaughtering a tomato, vivisecting an onion, and disembowling a cucumber.

If you ever want to trip up an anti-humanist, ask this question, and one follow up, and watch the lumbering tower of strawmen they'll create to get out of it:
"are you for or against abortion?" if their answer is against, then congratulations, you've found yourself a true believer. If, however, they are for abortion, ask this: "why is it okay to end the life of a fertilized human egg, but not okay to use an unfertilized chicken egg to make an omelet?"

It was illegal to kick a dog in this country before it was illegal to kick your child. That's how backwards these reluctant people are.

*it was my friend who saw it, and told me about it, but it sounded better with this long explanation at the bottom.*

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